Never Forget Jay Adams

“He was a living legend… and a crazy friend… now he’s gone, we have the memories and for you all who didn’t know him personally, I am happy we have the photos to share. I suspect his legend will live on gloriously.”

-Glen E. Friedman

Jim Fitzpatrick: European Surf Holiday 1964

“Skateboarding in 1964 was silly and no one could relate to it, and that was perfect for me because it gave me something to do, provided me some identity, and gave me something to relate to those I crossed paths with. If someone was young and curious about Americans, that was one thing, but skateboarding? That was something else.

Remember, in 1964 an American could bring 5 pairs of Levis to Europe and sell them and pay for their airfare to get to Europe and home again.”

-Jim Fitzpatrick


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-Elliott Rebuck